Take advantage of Calendar which is an extremely useful feature of Contentum CRM+. You can schedule events, plan calls and appointments or set up the reminder.

With the reminder you can stay on top of what’s going on, so you don’t miss important meetings and calls. You can also comment the events that has already taken place.

You can integrate Contentum CRM+ Calendar with mobile devices or other time management software.

Gather information about the customer and the deal

A sales officer gathers a lot of important information, when communicating with the customer.

CRM system is designed to compile information on customers in a simple way from different channels, which could include telephone calls, live chats, direct appointments and meetings, etc.

You can configure your system so that the manager will have to enter the information you need at a certain stage of the deal.

For example, a sales manager updates the deal stage to “Send Business Proposal”. But who can guarantee that the sales manager will not forget to upload the proposal to the system? Contentum offers a simple solution. You can configure the system so that your employees will not be able to update the deal unless they fill in all the required fields.

Plan Finances

Plan your revenue with Contentum. This is a useful feature for the sales officers and their managers. You can plan your revenue for any period – a day, a week or a month.

Sales managers determine the expected amount of cash inflow they will receive form each customer. Based on this information you can calculate the expected revenue of the entire company.

If necessary, you can configure a plan approval system. In this case, the questionable items will not be included into the final sales plan for the period.

Company Services

To close a deal, sales officers often need to collaborate with their colleagues who work in other departments of the company.

f the company produces and sells standard products, of course, such collaboration is minimal. However, if the company works with custom orders or provides sophisticated services, sales officers need to work closely with other departments.

Sales officers often lack comprehensive information about customer orders, while production workers, involved in the sales process, always require more details.

To solve this problem you can create a business process that will facilitate the communication between departments. The process clearly defines which information must be entered at every stage and greatly speeds up the transaction.

Shared documents / Knowledge Base /Communication

Contentum allows you to create a catalog of electronic documents, where you can store any documents, for example, sales regulations, additional materials, etc.

You can use Messages to deal with day-to-day issues. It is a fast channel of communication that allows users to gather information, which is not yet documented.