Integration with information systems is one of the key features of the BPM System. The BPM System is a bridge between information systems of a company and the people involved in end-to-end business processes.

Start business processes

The simplest integration script is for starting a business process in an external information system.

It is easy to do. Choose any operational business process, specify, that it can be started externally and publish it. For security purposes the system will form a security token required for business process start.

Then you will be able to start the process when a certain URL is specified.

Start processes with e-mail


Another popular script is starting a business process when receiving an e-mail.

The principle is simple. The system analyses the mailbox. When you receive an e-mail it analyses the e-mail, extracts required data and starts a business process with this input data.

You can configure manual approval for process start to avoid starting “junk” processes, if necessary.

BPMN 2.0

An intuitive and simple language for modeling business processes

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