• BPM Features

    Contentum BPM is Business Process Management Software. It drives digital transformation and allows shifting from job instructions to automated business processes and performance monitoring.

  • BPMN 2.0

    Contentum BPM uses standard notation BPMN 2.0 for business process modeling, that has been extended by our developers during the years of product implementation and testing.

  • Control and Monitoring

    Each business process instance has its own web page. It contains the full details about the process: parameter values, user comments and questions, active tasks, executors and statuses, etc.

  • Data buses

    Using data bus for sending messages is a more complex, but more reliable method of organizing interaction between systems.

  • Execute

    After a business process is modeld and published, you can start executing it in the Contentum BPM web application. You can run as many process instances as you wish. All bsuiness process instances are exceuted independetly according to the same process model.

  • Integration

    Integration with information systems is one of the key features of the BPM System. The BPM System is a bridge between information systems of a company and the people involved in end-to-end business processes.

  • Modeling

    Work in Contentum BPM begins with business process modeling. Users create business process models in Contentum Designer, a powerful application with a simple and user-friendly interface. Contentum Designer is included in the Contentum BPM software pakage.

  • Process Debugging

    With debugging you can speed up the whole cycle of business processes implementation. This is an especially useful function when you need to debug a step in the middle of a complicated process.

  • Processes Improvement

    When working with a business process, users may find alternative strategies for better results and share ides for business process improvement. You can put these ideas into practice with Contentum BPM and increase users productivity.

  • Scripts

    For analysts with programming skills, Contentum Designer provides the opportunity to work with the Script activity. Scripts allow executing C# codes at the corresponding stage of a business process.