After a business process is modeld and published, you can start executing it in the Contentum BPM web application. You can run as many process instances as you wish. All bsuiness process instances are exceuted independetly according to the same process model.

Contentum BPM executes business processes in accordance with their graphical models. The execution process goes from the start event to the end event through the chain of transitions. Contentum BPM automatically creates tasks for users at appropriate stages of the business process execution.

In the Contentum web application, all the information you might need to complete each task is displayed on its own web page. You can customize this page in any way you like; for example, require the user to attach documents or specify details to complete the task.

When the task is complete, you do not need to evaluate the next steps, Contentum will do this automatically.

All the tasks that do not require manual work Contentum preforms almost instantly, for example, decides what is the next step in the process, sends notifications, executes scripts, or assigns tasks to the person responsible.

BPMN 2.0

An intuitive and simple language for modeling business processes

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