• Assign and Execute Tasks

    Contentum provides the necessary tools for communication in your company. To help you organize your company management processes, use Tasks, Messages, Calendar and Company components.

  • ECM Settings

    Contentum ECM+ app is designed to work with corporate information content and documents. With Contentum’s flexible settings and controls, you can quickly navigate and create non-standard algorithms for electronic documents management.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Contentum ECM+ is a solution for Enterprise Content Management based on the Contentum BPM Platform. Contentum ECM+ organizes electronic document management of your company and allows you to execute end-to-end business processes along with standard docflow processes.

  • Messages, Calendar, Company

    Contentum BPM has tools to ensure communication within the company. Messages offer you an easy and familiar way of communication with colleagues. With Calendar you can schedule meetings and calls, keep track of planned events and so on. Company allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest company news.

  • Mobile Applications

    All the incoming tasks are downloaded from Contentum in a single package. Now you do not have to wait for the page to load.