Contentum provides the necessary tools for communication in your company. To help you organize your company management processes, use Tasks, Messages, Calendar and Company components.

Contentum business process tools for communication in your company

Assign and Execute Tasks

Contentum BPM allows you to assign tasks and check their completion.

When you assign a task, you can choose from the following options: 

  1. Monitor task progress: One of your colleagues can monitor a tasks progress. This is usually an employee who holds a management position.
  2. Choose a task approver: In this case, the task’s execution will not start until it is approved.
  3. Assign Co-executors: Only one person is responsible for a task; however, you can assign Co-executors. They receive information about the task once they are assigned.
  4. Set the time report limit. In this case, the number of hours in the time report you submit on the task will be limited.

After you save the task, it is immediately assigned to the Executor (or Co-executor).

Check Tasks Completion

Contentum helps to monitor task progress from the start to completion.

When a user completes a task, it is sent for approval. They can also leave a comment, attach a document or a file, etc.

The responsible user confirms that the task was successfully completed or sends it back to the executor, if it needs to be revised. Plus they always have a possibility to restate the task, if it seems appropriate.

Contentum archives all the completed tasks.

Time Reports

With Contentum BPM you can keep track of time spent on tasks.

At the end of the week or month all employees submit a time report of their billable hours. This report describes the tasks employees performed and the time spent on each task for that period.

The responsible user considers time reports and approves or rejects them. Eventually, each employee has a number of approved billable hours.

You can use these statistics for different purposes, including payroll accounting.


Organize Department Activities

The Company section of the Web Portal contains a lot of useful information for the Department Head.

With Contentum BPM, Department Heads have the opportunity to check the overall tasks of their department and their employees.

If a task is urgent and the employee assigned is not available to complete the task, the Department Head can reassign the task to another employee or complete the task themselves.

Periodic Tasks

As some tasks are periodic and some repeat at regular intervals, Contentum BPM makes it easy to keep tasks organized and manageable.

Now you do not need to set up a new task each time. Create a task once and set the time when it needs to be repeated. Contentum will automatically assign it to the executor at specified intervals.

Schedule Compliance

Schedule compliance requires careful monitoring. Each task has a deadline by which it should be completed. If it is not the case, the task is overdue.

Schedule compliance report allows you to evaluate how many tasks each employee completes in time.

For example, Smith has 40 scheduled tasks for the current month. 30 of them he managed to complete in time, which means that his schedule compliance is 75%.

You can use schedule compliance statistics for payroll accounting.