When you implement a BPM-system, you need to develop processes, adjust them for your company and provide users with quick access to common features or commands.

Contentum provides various well-organized interfaces that make it easy to locate different tools and options and require minimal explanation on how to use them.

Web Interface and Contentum Designer

Business users interact with Contentum through the Web Interface. It is designed to work with all web browsers. 

You will receive notifications about the important events in your Web Interface. Contentum also sends notifications to the email addresses that appear in your user data.

Configure your system and design business process models in Contentum Designer. The system administrator can install this Windows application on the server or on the local computer. 

Lite Interface

Lite Interface is an interface with a very simple top menu and a minimum of controls. 

Using Lite Interface with a reduced number of buttons, employees with a limited set of duties and restricted access to certain sections can perform their duties easier and minimize mistakes.

Lite Interface is included in the standard package of Contentum BPM. You can effortlessly switch to Lite Interface by changing the settings in your user profile. 

Interface configuration