• Contentum KPI application

    Contentum KPI allows you to improve your company’s productivity by controlling key indicators and evaluating employee performance. Contentum KPI is a BPM application included in the basic configuration of Contentum BPM.

  • Goal Management

    You can go even further. The goal management tool allows you to bind the company’s goals, the KPIs and the employees’ performance, relying on the goal maps.

  • KPI for iPad

    Contentum KPI offers a performance management mobile application for executive officers. It provides all the necessary tools in a convenient form and is available on App Store.

  • KPI Managment

    The first step is to build the company’s KPI structure. Contentum KPI allows you to create a KPI tree exactly as you see fit.

  • Process KPIs

    The simplest KPI that Contentum collects automatically is an employee schedule compliance. It shows the percentage of tasks an employee completed within a period. This statistics can be easily incorporated into the employee performance matrix.