Contentum BPM has tools to ensure communication within the company. Messages offer you an easy and familiar way of communication with colleagues. With Calendar you can schedule meetings and calls, keep track of planned events and so on. Company allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest company news.

Tools for Communication within the Company: Messages, Calendar, Company



The Contentum Messages section is specifically designed for you to communicate with colleagues. It contains information about all incoming tasks, messages from your colleagues, notifications and allows you to sort messages by priority.

Though it looks a lot like Facebook news feed, Contentum BPM Messages has one important difference – you can always check the number of the unread messages.


The Contentum Calendar is used to plan your work activities; simplify the process of scheduling calls, events, meetings and appointments; monitor the calendars of your colleagues and managers.

You can view your Contentum Calendar directly from your mobile device via the iCal protocol.


Company section keeps you updated about company’s employees news. You can view upcoming birthdays, recently hired employees, etc.

Department Heads have a global overview of their departments, can view active tasks and employees’ calendars.