Contentum CRM+ for sales team leader

The sales team leader has to control the sales officers and, at the same time, report to the Chief Commercial Officer on the sales plan implementation.


Plan / Control Revenue

The sales team leader is responsible for the sales plan of the entire group and thus needs to access all the information available to them and their employees. Contentum CRM+ provides such functions.

For example, the system automatically gathers all the information on the team’s revenues for the sales team leader.

Filters and additional features allow them to coordinate sales plans and therefore provide the executives with only accurate information.

Monitor Deals

Before planning revenues, the sales team leader must consider all the information on the team’s deals.

The system displays all the deals of the team members, so the team leader can see full details of each deal.

Assign and Control Tasks

Contentum CRM+ provides convenient functions for task management.

When the team leader assigns a task, the system automatically monitors the due dates and sends notifications on overdue tasks.

The team leader also has access to their employee’s calendars and task lists, which facilitates performance control.

Team Communication

With messages you can easily organize communication between sales team members.

You can create a separate channel for your sales team, which only team members will be able to access.

Access Permissions

A company can have several sales teams, usually they are grouped by a region or by a sector.

Access to confidential information is a very important issue and each company decides individually how to manage it.

In some cases it is convenient when the employees can see all the information, in others, their access should be limited to their own records.

Sometimes it is important to organize team work and provide all the team members with information gathered by their colleagues.

With Contentum CRM+ you can introduce all the access policies mentioned above and even develop your own.